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The Student's Overall Grade is Below the Acceptable Passing Grade

An issue might be that the student's overall score is below the acceptable passing threshold. Use the table to find possible solutions.

Possible Reason How to Verify Solutions
Automatic Progression is allowing the student to move forward. Check the student’s course options to see if Auto Progression is enabled.
  • Use Teacher Review for quizzes when these students are identified.
  • Check the student’s Gradebook frequently and reset the quiz so that it may be retaken.
  • Reassign (reset) entire lessons or specific activities for the student to re-do.
Grades for assignments, such as, Online Content, Journals, Practice/ Homework are low. Check the student’s Progress Report to see their average grade in the Assignment category.
  • Review the student’s Gradebook for their answers, resetting assignments as needed.
Student is not aware of the expectations for the assignments. Observe the student and then conference with them regarding their progress.
  • Provide an orientation to parents, teachers and students that discusses the expectations of the program and procedures for your Edgenuity class.
  • Post Edgenuity course expectations as an Announcement to students at beginning of term and/or post them on the wall of the classroom.
Student is not attending to assignments during class time. Observe the student and then conference with them regarding their progress.
  • Establish classroom work time expectations; utilize incentives and/or consequences.
Check eNotes for student efforts



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