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Accessing Submitted Essays

There are multiple ways to get to a student’s submitted essays.

From the Dashboard

  1. When a student has submitted essays (or projects) that teachers need to score, a yellow “work needs grading” Dashboard Alert will appear to the left of the student’s name. Clicking this alert will allow teachers to begin Essay Review.
    eWrite Tea- Accessing- dashboardt- homepage.png
  2. Click Review to see work the student has submitted for grading.
    eWrite Tea- Accessing- scores and activity report- review or cancel.png

From the Scores and Activity Review Report

  1. When a single student is selected, teachers can access all submitted work through the Scores and Activity Review report. To access the report, select any course with the Edit radio button, and click the Scores and Activity Review link above the course list.
    Scores and Activity review option.png
  2. The Student’s Score Overview will display all submitted activities for the selected course. To show only essay activities, filter the Activity Types dropdown to “Essay.” Note that Pre-Writing and Drafting activities are not counted toward a student’s grade and will display a score of 100. If you choose to grade these activities, you can assign a score; this will change the “Counted” status to “Yes.”
  3. Revising Activities (final drafts) require teacher action. To grade a final draft, click anywhere in the row.
    eWrite Tea- Accessing- scores and activity report- click row.png

From the Gradebook

Teachers can also access students’ essays from within the Gradebook. Here, submitted attempts will appear in the Graded Attempts section. Attempts that the student saved but did not submit will appear in the Other Attempts section.

  1. To view student work in all phases of the writing process, select the View link in the attempt row.
    eWrite Tea- Accessing- gradebook view.png
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