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Final Draft

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum word count for essays?
The minimum word counts for rough drafts and final drafts are 100 words and 150 words, respectively. Essays that are this short are not likely to receive high scores, but the system will accept them.
What is the maximum word count for essays?
The maximum word count for submitted essays is 10,000, but the auto-scoring engine is not capable of grading essays that exceed 800 words. The LMS will accept essays that are longer than 800 words, but the instructor will need to manually grade these essays.

The Final Draft (or Revision) step in the eWriting process is where students finalize their essays by expanding on their Pre-Writing and Rough Draft work. Just as with the Rough Draft, students are given a broad set of text formatting tools, and can save their work without submitting it by clicking the Save and Exit button. In some cases, students are able to continue with the course without submitting their work, and can return to it once they have completed their essay and are ready to submit it for a grade by clicking the Submit button. Final drafts have a minimum word count of 150 words.

Most essays are scored automatically by essay-grading software, but a teacher must accept the system-awarded grade before it appears to students. Students can submit up to two final drafts for auto-scoring. Any additional drafts will be given a score of 0, which must be overridden by a teacher.

Students do not need to submit a final draft in order to move on in the course. Instead, they can save their essays and come back to complete them at a later time, but courses are not considered completed until all essays have been submitted and scored.
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If an essay has been saved, but not submitted for a grade, a notification will appear in the Lobby that one or more in-progress assignments have not been submitted.
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