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The Pre-Writing activity allows students to map out ideas for their essay in either an outline format or a KWHL chart format, depending on which best suits their needs.


The Outline option allows students to create a structure for their essay before they begin writing. This can be useful to determine the progression of their ideas. Students are provided with a basic set of formatting tools, such as bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, undo and redo, and spell check, as well as the indent/level tools, which are used to shift between levels in their outline.
eWrite Stu- Pre-Writing- outline.png

KWHL Chart

The KWHL Chart allows students to organize their ideas into different categories; what they Know, what they Want to know, How they will research, and what they Learned. Students begin with a single row in the chart, but can add more rows by hitting the Tab key while their cursor is in the last cell or by right-clicking the table and using the menu that appears.
eWrite Stu- Pre-Writing- KWHL.png

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