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Rough Draft

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum word count for essays?
The minimum word counts for rough drafts and final drafts are 100 words and 150 words, respectively. Essays that are this short are not likely to receive high scores, but the system will accept them.
What is the maximum word count for essays?
The maximum word count for submitted essays is 10,000, but the auto-scoring engine is not capable of grading essays that exceed 800 words. The LMS will accept essays that are longer than 800 words, but the instructor will need to manually grade these essays.

The Rough Draft step allows students to write an initial draft of their essay based on their ideas from the Pre-Writing step. Students are still able to use their prompt, rubric, checklist, and research tools and are also given a broader range of text formatting tools. Students can save their work without submitting it by clicking the Save and Exit button. Once students are satisfied with their Rough Draft, they can submit their work by clicking the Submit button. Rough drafts have a minimum word count of 100 words.
eWrite Stu- Rough Draft- writing workshop rough draft.png

A teacher may choose to leave feedback on any phase of a student’s essay, including the pre-writing or the rough draft. If there is feedback, the turquoise grade bar will appear under the activity header. Since the essay has not been graded, the words “In Progress” appear where the grade usually displays. However, a glowing pencil icon at the right of the grade bar indicates there is new feedback.
eWrite Tea- rough draft- pencil for feedback.png

To view feedback, students can click the pencil icon. Note that the feedback for multiple stages will appear in a single window; the stage the teacher was viewing when he or she left the feedback will be indicated before the feedback text.
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