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Grading Teacher-Graded Assignment Items and Projects

  1. Under the Reports tab, select Dashboard.
    Reports tab- Dashboard.png
  2. Any student who has a yellow alert icon has an item for the teacher to grade. Left click on the icon.

    Learn more about the other alerts.

  3. Select Review.
    Left click on yellow alert icon.png
  4. Any activity needing action, YES is displayed under Action Required. Click on the row to view.
  5. Click View
  6. Notice the number of question(s) to be graded. 
  7. Select the question to be graded. 

    The question(s) needing graded will have a pencil icon CTE-Teacher-pencil_icon.png next to the question. You may have to scroll to see it. 

  8. View the student's response to the question. Enter a score for the question. 

    A decimal can be entered.

  9. Click Submit Score
  10. Notice this count is dynamic and there is no more questions needing to be graded. 

    You will be taken to the next question to be graded if there is another one.

  11. Click Submit Activity Score
  12. Click the x to exit out of the window. If desired, Change Score or Reset Activity. 
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