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Parent Resources

We have created the following resources that can be exported as a PDF and provided to parents or students when the student begins working in their Edgenuity course. These resources include instructions on using the Parent Portal and Progress Reports, a student user guide, as well as tips for troubleshooting access at home.

Parents have questions about Edgenuity and a school or district's use of blended or online learning. Many of these questions can be answered with the tools provided here. The first article is specific to our educators, and describes how to set up the Parent Portal and automatic progress reports. The other articles are written directly to parents, but parents do not have access to the Edgenuity Help Desk. Therefore, educators will need to distribute these PDFs to the parent/guardian community themselves. 

Also available for educators here is the Edgenuity Student User Guide. All students have access to this user guide in their Organizer when they log into Edgenuity, but it is also available here to download and distribute to the students.


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