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Introduction for Parents

Parents may be inquisitive into how the school or district plans to implement Edgenuity into their curriculum. Find an Introduction letter and support into signing into the system to help get them started in understanding Edgenuity.

Edgenuity is excited to embark on a journey towards success with your student. The links below will provide helpful information:

Guide in English Guide in Spanish


Edgenuity provides an exciting and engaging educational environment that is designed to capture attention and draw students into the interactive world of online and blended learning.

Edgenuity has provided courses for students since 1998, and through our experience with teachers, students, and parents, we built an engaging and effective curriculum that connects science, math, language arts, social studies, and elective courses to your student’s everyday world.

Using a combination of animations, simulations, video-led direct instruction, relevant web sites, and a myriad of activities that support the lesson’s topic, students have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can be reviewed as many times as necessary to achieve mastery. Edgenuity strongly believes that each student is unique and acquires information in his or her own way. As a result of that belief, our courses are designed to provide students with activities that support the ways they learn best: seeing, hearing, and touching the course materials.

To ensure your student’s experience with Edgenuity is successful, we wanted to introduce ourselves and provide information that will enable you to partner with us in this goal. We are thrilled to have you and your student join the Edgenuity family. Good luck, and have a terrific year!

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