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Creating an Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone have permission to create an announcement?

This is a new permission. An educator is grandfathered in as a default, but an administrator can adjust the permission if desired. All new educators added will not have this permission, by default.

Can I create an announcement for a select group of students?

No, this feature will send out an announcement to all students in the school/district, depending on the setting selected in step three. An email is the best form of communication for a small group of students.

Use this page to make an announcement to one or multiple schools.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage Announcements" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here.  

  1. Under the Communications tab, select Manage Announcements.
    Communication tab- Manage Announcements.png

From the homepage, click Manage Announcements.
Announcements- Manage Announcements button.png

  1. Click Add Announcement.
    Manage Announcements- Add Announcements.png
  2. Checkmark the school(s) which will see the announcement.
    Add Announcement- select school.png
  3. Checkmark the type of user(s) who will see the announcement.
    Add Announcement- select user type.png
  4. Set the Start Date and Expiration Date for the announcement.
    Add Announcement- set dates.png

    If the start date is in the future, the audience will not be able to view it until that date arrives.

  5. Title the announcement.
    Add Announcement- title.png
  6. Write the announcement text in the open box. Use the toolbar for special formatting such as bullets, italics, bold, underlining, and hyperlinks.
    Add Announcement- write announcement.png
  7. Click Add Announcement at the bottom.
    Add Announcement- add announcement button when done.png
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