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Adding Additional Teachers to a Discussion

This is useful for team teaching, or if lab teachers will be helping monitor the discussion boards. If you want other educators to have access to your collaboration, use this page.
  1. Under the Communication tab, select Collaboration Corner.
    Communication tab- Collaboration Corner.png
  1. Click the lock icon Collaboration Corner- permissions- lock icon.png. When the mouse hovers over it, Edit Permissions will show.
    Collaboration Corner- permissions- edit permissions.png
  2. Select the Teachers tab.
    Collaboration Corner- permissions- teacher tab.png
  3. Teachers need to be added to the Approved Teachers list on the right. Find the teacher(s) either by clicking through the list of the teachers or typing the teacher's name in the search field.
    Collaboration Corner- permissions- find teachers.png
  4. To select a teacher, click on his/her name. The name will appear under the Approved Teachers list on the right. His/Her name on the left will now become green.
    Collaboration Corner- permissions- click teachers.png
  5. Once all the teachers wanted for this discussion have been added, click Continue.
    Collaboration Corner- permissions- continue- for teachers.png
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