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Accessing the Recent Actions Log

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the actions "Duplicate WebAdmin Session" and "Duplicate Virtual Classroom Session" mean?
Each Edgenuity user is given a unique username and password. For educators, you may hear that referenced as their WebAdmin login, and for students, their Virtual Classroom login. For security purposes, each Edgenuity user can only be actively logged in at one time. When you or your students see this warning, it could mean one of two things:
  • Most Common: you did not correctly log out from your previous session
  • Least Common: someone else logged in with your account and is actively logged into Edgenuity
When you see this warning, check to see that you aren't currently logged into another window or browser tab before clicking continue. It could be that you didn't log out correctly and simply closed your browser window. Be sure to always click the "x" button in the top right of your screen to properly log out and end your current session so you do not see this warning.
If you know you aren't currently logged into Edgenuity on another tab or device, continue logging in and immediately change your password (if permitted). As always, please do not share your account information with anyone else.

The majority of actions taken by educators will be tracked in the Recent Actions Log. This log shows updates to courses, student accounts, educator accounts, and changes to the data in the Gradebook.
  1. Under the Reports tab, select Recent Actions Log.
    Reports- Recent Action Log.png
  2. Use the Search Criteria box to narrow down an action to view. Click Search.
    Search Criteria.png
  3. To see additional information of the action, select the action from the Recent Actions table. When an action is hovered over, it turns blue.
    Recent Actions.png
  4. The additional details are listed in the Action Details box.
    Action Details.png
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