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Accessing the Attendance Log

Use this page to view the Attendance Log.

The Attendance Log is a report educators can view that provides a weekly view of student attendance. Filtering options are available for you to isolate specific students or groups to monitor. In addition to viewing how much time your students log each day, you can also see a count of the number of assessments a student took on any given day.

  1. Under the Reports tab, select Attendance Log.
    Reports tab- Attendance Log.png
  2. To search for particular students, either filter by a user group or you can select a letter for a particular student's last name.
    Attendance Header- filtering and last name.png
  3. If there are a lot of students and would prefer to look up one student, use the Student Search option. Click the Student Search button Student Search.png
    1. Type the First Name, Last Name, User ID, or User Name into the box(es) of the student. Click Search.
      Search for Students.png
  4. The current week is the default, but you can change it to the week you want to view. Click OK.
    Attendance Header- change week.png
  5. For tips on understanding the Attendance Log, click here.
    Attendance Log Info.png
  6. Click a student's name to see additional details about their attendance in the session log.
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