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Gradebook Icons

As data populates in the Course Gradebook, the following icons may appear:

Introduction Video:


Gradebook Icon Icon Name Definition
Current activity.png Bookmark This is the student's current activity or an activity the student has already started but not completed.
Content customized out.png Circle Slash The content has been customized out of the student's course.
Out of retakes.png Clock This student is out of retakes.
Student passed pretest.png Circle P The student has passed the pretest for this lesson.
Score below pass threshold.png Red Score A score displayed in red text is below the passing threshold and is calculated towards the overall grade.
Customize course icon.png Gear Next to Name This student's course has been customized to add additional content that is not shown in the Gradebook course structure. To view the student's activity in the added content, visit the student's individual grades page.
Activity needs grading.png Pencil The activity needs teacher grading.
Bypass activity.png B-Box This activity has been bypassed via pretesting or a manual bypass.
Assessment is locked.png Lock The assessment is locked pending teacher review.


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