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Viewing the Group Progress Report

This report allows educators to monitor the performance and progress of multiple students at one time. The progress overview demonstrates the currently available information about a group of students. The administrator at the school level will be able to view the reports for students enrolled at the site; district administrators will be able to view information for all students in all schools in the district as they navigate from school to school.
  1. All students who have started a course will be listed alphabetically by last name. Use the filters to narrow down the student(s) to view. Click Search if filters have been designated.
    Group Progress Overview- Search.png
  2. The data specified by the filter(s) will populate. For meanings of the headers, click here.
    Report with colors.png
  3. Click the student's name to get the Student Progress Report.
    Students name.png
  4. Click Export to Excel to get this information in an Excel spreadsheet.
    Export to Excel.png
  5. To go back to the home page, click Back to Home.
    Back to Home.png
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