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The Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my students not appearing on the Dashboard?

Students will only appear on the Dashboard once they have started the course. To ensure students have been enrolled in the course, use the Manage Enrollments page.

Teaching online or in blended learning classrooms gives a teacher unprecedented access to real-time data. The Dashboard is the place to go for this data. View student progress, see which students need your support, and export data at regular intervals for longitudinal tracking of key metrics.

Dashboard- homepage.png


Action Image
Filters DR- Dashboard- homepage- filters.png
Options DR- Dashboard- homepage- options.png
Progress Tab DR- Dashboard- homepage- progress tabs.png
Course Tab DR- Dashboard- homepage- course tabs.png
Refresh DR- Dashboard- homepage- refresh button.png

The page auto-refreshes every couple of minutes.

Alerts DR- Dashboard- homepage- alert.png
Export to Excel DR- Dashboard- homepage- export to excel.png
Hot Spots Identify.png
Sorting DR- Dashboard- homepage- headers to sort.png
Interpreting Data Dashboard- interpreting data.png




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