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Frequently Asked Questions

How far behind must a student be before the items in Dashboard show up in red?
3% behind
How often is the Dashboard data refreshed?
The Dashboard updates every minute, but you can always force a refresh on the Dashboard by clicking the icon located in the top right corner of the page.

There are three different alerts available to educators on the Dashboard. Depending on the course options applied to students, an educator may not see all three.
Dashboard Alerts.png

Students who need support will appear at the top of the list and have on of the three icons:

Alert Image Definition
Orange.png Orange Exclamation Point This alert means the student is awaiting a review of his/her work before he/she can access the assessment. 
red.png Red Exclamation Point This alert means the student is out of retakes on the assessment.  
yellow.png Yellow Exclamation Point The student has submitted work that needs grading.

If you are teaching a course that contains essays, you will want to visit our eWriting Teacher's Guide and our eWriting Student's Guide for additional information regarding Edgenuity's essay activities and auto-scoring engine.

Edgenuity offers an eWriting Teacher's Guide to help educators with grading.

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