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Active Time (Definition)

Active Time is the time a student spends on an activity up to submission for score. This time includes watching videos, answering questions, taking eNotes, reading transcripts, or reviewing the Glossary. Active Time ends when an activity is completed and a score is assigned.


  • to monitor how much time students are legitimately spending moving forward in their coursework.


  1. If a student launches a link (e.g., a third-party website in an Online Content activity, a reading passage in the CloseReader™), the system will not record active time unless the student returns to the Edgenuity lesson and clicks Submit, Home, or Save and Exit. If the student simply closes the browser, the time spent reading will be captured as idle time.
  2. If a student is watching an instructional video, the system will only record active time if he or she:
    • Completes the activity and clicks the Submit button, or
    • Clicks the Home button to return to the Course Map.
  3. If a student is staring at a an assessment question for ten minutes, it is still active time as long as the activity hasn't yet been completed/submitted.

Are your students taking an AP World Language course? Their time spent working on those courses will be captured as active time on both the Session Log and the Attendance Log. However, the total number of activities will not be available on these reports. You will need to log into your Powerspeak class to view that information.

Click here to learn more about Powerspeak.

Reports that include this metric:

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