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Student Progress Report Calculations

This report allows an educator to assess the status of a student in a course. A variety of measurements are provided to understand the overall performance of the student. 

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Progress Report Breakdown:

Click below to find out more about each measurement: 

Complete and Overall Grade.png

The key to the colors is: 

  • Green= The student is ahead of schedule. Continuing on this path, the student will finish before the target date.
  • Blue= The student is on track to finish the course at the target date.
  • Red= The student is falling behind. Continuing on this path, the student will not complete the course by the target date.
  • Orange= This is where the student should be based on the start and target date you entered for the course.



The student’s current progress in the course, color-coded by the key above. This percentage is based on time, not by count.

Overall Grade

This is a straightforward, weighted average of the activities a student has completed in the course. If the student’s course grade has a weight for an activity category the student has not yet completed, that weight will be spread among the other categories proportionally. This grade does not incorporate any penalties for late or missing work. Teachers should reference this grade daily to determine whether a student is beginning to struggle with mastering the content.


The next section of calculations do not have colors, but are the straight calculations.

Additional Calculations.png


Complete (Count)

A student’s progress based on the number of assignments completed versus the total number of assignments in the course.

Start Date

The date the student is expected to start the course.

Target Date

The date the student is expected to complete the course.

Relative Grade

Also referred to as the "drop grade," this metric is computed by assigning zeros for all activities a student has not yet completed in the course. It reflects the student’s final course grade if he were to drop the course today. Many teachers decide to use this grade as the final course grade.

Target Completion

Identifies what the student's progress should be in order to be considered on-track for course completion.

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