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Additional Educator Resources for the Student Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Edgenuity provide any teacher resources to ensure that students watched and understood the orientation videos??

Yes, Edgenuity has a two assessment options- a downloadable quiz and an interactive one. Both can be found in the Student Orientation Video Assessment Options section. 

How does the new student experience help students stay on track with progress?

The new student experience offers a few different ways to help students stay on top of their progress. The Course Map provides the due dates for each activity. If an activity is overdue, then an indicator appears next to that activity. Also, students always have the option to view the Course Report which can be used as a printable assignment calendar. 

How does the new Student Experience help students find their teachers’ feedback?

Once a student lands on the Course Map, s/he will see a "You have feedback" alert at the top. There will also be a comment indicator next to the activity that contains the feedback.

How do students access the scores and activity report in the new Student Experience?

This report has been replaced with the new Course Report. Students can find this by scrolling to the top of the Course Map page, after clicking on a class card from the home page.

Find additional resources about the student experience.

Looking for a way to introduce your staff to Edgenuity's New Student Experience? Check out this informational resource. It can be tailored to your district/school's information as well. 


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