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Creating a New Schedule

Use this page to create a timed schedule to alter course options.
  1. Under the Administration tab, select District Settings.
    Admin tab- District Settings.png
  2. Click the Schedules tab.
    Schedules- select schedules.png
  1. Click Add.
    schedules- add one.png
  2. Name the schedule.
    Add schedule- name.png
  3. In the Target drop-down, select the target group for this schedule- entire district, single school, or student groups.
    Add schedule- target dropdown.png
  4. In the Recurring drop-down, select a one time, daily, or weekly schedule.
    Add schedule- reoccuring dropdown.png
  5. Set the Start and End day and time.
    Add schedule- start and end.png
  6. Select the Time Zone for the schedule.
    Add schedule- time zone dropdown.png
  7. Checkmark the boxes next to the feature to be executed during the schedule.
    Add schedule- start and end profiles.png

    This can be confusing for a first-time user. Feel free to reach out to Customer Support for help. Schedules can affect an entire district's implementation plan and should be applied with caution.

  8. Click Save.
    Add schedule- save.png
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