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Changing a School's Information

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "School Profile: Limited Edit" and "View District Schools" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here

  1. Under the Administration tab, select District Settings.
    Admin tab- District Settings.png
  2. Select the Schools tab.
    Schools- schools tab.png
  1. Click the name of the school.
    Schools- click school for more info.png
  2. Click Edit.
    Schools- click edit.png
  3. Make the changes needed:
    • School Name
      Schools- change school name.png
    • Time Zone
      Schools- change school timezone.png
    • For the Communication features, click here.
      Schools- Communication features.png
  4. Click Save.
    Schools- save.png
  5. A confirmation window on the bottom, right of the screen will show the changes were made successfully.
    Schools- save successful.png
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