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Educator Exception for IP Registry

To turn off IP Registry for certain educators, follow the steps outlined on this page.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage Secure Educator Access" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here

  1. Under the Administration tab, select School Settings.
    Admin tab- School Settings.png
  2. Select the Secure Access tab.
    IP Registry- Secure Access tab.png
  3. Click Edit under the Educator Access Controls box.
    IP Registry- Educator- Edit Button.png
  1. Click IP Address Registry under the drop-down menu.
    4- Edit Educator Access Controls.png
  2. Click Configure IP Address Registry.
    5- Configure IP Address Registry.png
  3. Select the Exemptions tab.
    26- Exemptions tab.png
  4. Search for your educator. Click Search.
    27- Search for educator.png
  5. Click Add next to the student you want to add to the exception list.
    28- Add educator.png
  6. Close out the window by using the button.
    29- Click x to get out.png
  7. Click Save.
    9- Save.png
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