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Setting an IP Registry for Students

Frequently Asked Questions

With IP Registry set to ‘Limited Access', would Pretests be counted as ‘Assessments’ and be made inaccessible?

Yes, pretests are considered assessments under the 'Limited Access' feature.

If IP Registry is turned on, can students complete coursework, except for assessments, at home without being stopped by the blocked assessments?

Yes, if the IP Registry is set to Limited Access, students will be able to access instruction and practice activities from home. All assessments will be locked until they return to school.

Will IP Registry work on Powerspeak courses?

No. Whether IP Registry is enabled or not, students will be able to launch all Powerspeak activities.

The IP Registry security feature allows schools to prevent students from logging into Edgenuity from outside the school’s network (also referred to as No Access IP Registry). IP Registry can also be configured to allow student access to Edgenuity from home to complete instructional activities (referred to as Limited Access IP Registry), but require all assessments be completed at school once students are back on the school's network.

To set up IP Registry for students, follow the steps outlined on this page.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage Secure Student Access" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here

  1. Under the Administration tab, select School Settings.
    Admin tab- School Settings.png
  2. Select the Secure Access tab.
    IP Registry- Secure Access tab.png
  3. Click Edit under the Student Access Controls box.
    IP Registry- Student- Edit button.png
  1. Click IP Address Registry under the drop-down menu.
    4- Student Access Control Type.png
  2. In the second drop-down menu, choose the option you want for your students. 
    • No Access- if you want to stop students from logging in from home. 
    • Limited Access- if you want students to sign in from home but not be able to take assessments. This option hides the assessments.
    5- Student Access When Off-Registry.png

    Pretests are considered assessments under 'Limited Access'.

  3. Click Configure IP Address Registry.
    6- Configure IP Address Registry.png
  4. On the IP Address Registry tab, click Add IP Address.
    7- Add IP Address button.png
  5. Enter the IP Address for your school. If you have a range of addresses in the same octet, just enter the ending address in the Range box.
    8- Add IP Address.png

    If you are going to set up IP Registry for students and educators, have your local network configured to have separate subnets to separate the users connecting with them.

  6. Click Save.
    9- Save.png
  7. Click Save.
    10- Save.png
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