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SecureLock Browser

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a student encounters an Online Content link and can no longer navigate back to the course?

The student will need to press CTRL + F4 to navigate back to the course.

Some links are having issues when the SecureLock feature is enabled?

Ensure all links required for a course has been added to your school's whitelist.

Can the SecureLock Browser experience be toggled on and off?

No, this is not a feature that can be toggled.

Can students access additional course content?

Yes, the students will have access to additional content, such as online content and guided notes.

Does this feature work on all devices?

Yes it does.

Can exceptions be made for some students?

No. This is an all-or-nothing feature for a school.

Are there any additional costs for this feature?

No there is not.

Schools are constantly facing issues of academic integrity. Edgenuity wants to support schools in this endeavor and has instituted a feature that will lock the browser for students working on their Edgenuity content. 

The SecureLock Browser Experience prevents students from doing the following while working on Edgenuity content: 

  • Opening new windows and browsers
  • Copying and pasting
  • Creating tabs in existing browsers
  • Navigation anywhere aside from the Edgenuity product. 


If a district decides to implement this feature, it should be noted that they only need to create a single profile and not a profile for every student. 

To learn more about the SecureLock Browser experience, click here. Instructions on how to enable the feature is on the link as well. 




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