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Advanced Placement Authorization with the College Board

Schools using Edgenuity’s AP courses need to annually renew their authorization with the College Board at the AP Audit Site. It is recommended that it is renewed by October 15.

  1. Contact your AP Audit Account Administrator.
  2. Go to the AP Audit site at
  3. Log in using the username and password assigned by the AP Audit.
  4. Navigate to the “Add Online or Distance Learning Course” page.
  5. Select “Edgenuity” as the provider.
  6. Select the authorized courses your school offers. These AP courses will then be included with your school’s other authorized courses in the AP course ledger.
  7. When prompted to enter the syllabus number, use the 2018-2019 authorization numbers listed below:

Edgenuity Courses 2018-2019 AP Authorization Codes

Courses Syllabi Authorization Numbers
Calculus AB 2196215v1


English Language and Composition 2196160v1


English Literature and Composition 2196167v1


Environmental Science 2196221v1


French Language and Culture 2196299v1


Human Geography 2196265v1


Psychology 2196284v1


Spanish Language and Culture 2234720v1


U.S. Government and Politics 2254094v1
United States History 2196285v1


World History 2196287v1


In some cases, a school may be classified as a different school type by the AP Audit site. In these instances, a prompt may require a syllabus for the course to be uploaded. If this happens, use these unbranded syllabi unbranded syllabi for the course audit as the formatting required by the College Board is different and, therefore, the submission will be rejected.