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Implementing an Advanced Placement Course

Schools utilizing our AP courses must go through the AP Course Audit process and select Edgenuity as the provider. Use the syllabus numbers here to select the course(s) your school is offering, and this will allow the school to use the AP designation on student transcripts.

Textbooks are also required for every AP course except for Spanish and French. Our courses include assignments from best-in-class, College-Board-recommended textbooks that are readily available from major textbook sellers. Please review the Implementing AP Courses document to see exactly which book are required for students. This information can also be found when you select a specific AP course from the Manage Courses page, select View Course Structure, then review the Course Documents for that specific course. 

The required textbooks listed on the Implementing AP Courses document are approved for the 2019-2020 school year. Please refer to that list when purchasing the AP texts for the upcoming school year. 

In addition to textbooks, schools must also provide a highly-qualified teacher to teach an AP course. Teachers are expected to interact with students regularly either face to face or via chat and email. Teachers need to grade open-ended student responses, including essays. They also should set up online discussions in the Collaboration Corner, using the Edgenuity provided discussion questions in each unit.

For the AP Government course, there is a whitelist required.