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Purpose Prep

Frequently Asked Questions

What content is included in Purpose Prep?

There are six courses offered in the Purpose Prep content library:

  • Character & Leadership Development
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Personal Development
  • Social & Emotional Success
  • Unlock Your Purpose
How would my school implement Purpose Prep?

While there is no one-size-fits-all implementation model, there are three models that have proven to be the most effective when implementing Purpose Prep SEL courses:

  • Full Class Period Implementation
  • Partial Class Period Implementation
  • Fully Virtual Implementation

All three models include teacher involvement and student access to devices and differ in the amount of time students spend per lesson.

View our document for implementing a Social Emotional Learning in your school. 

How long are Purpose Prep courses?

Active time in the Edgenuity platform is approximately 15 hours per course. However, teacher-led discussions and offline work required for the end-of-lesson and end-of-unit written assignments add significant time for students, and these are critical elements to successful implementation. For example, students are asked to seek out mentors and family members for interviews and activities. They are also asked to complete online research for selected assignments.

How much time is needed for a lesson?

Purpose Prep SEL courses are highly customizable, allowing you to remove content, add supplemental materials, and even create your own activities. Each lesson can be accomplished in approximately 30 minutes, or can be extended to a full class period if teachers use the video as a jumping-off point to a rich discussion.

How long are the expert videos the students watch?
The videos range from 1 to 6 minutes. After the video, student will answer a quick check on learning question.
When customizing a Purpose Prep course, are the End of Unit assessments dynamic?
No, they are not dynamic.
How often should I check for assignments to grade?

It is highly recommended that teachers monitor student responses as soon as they are submitted for a score, or at least daily. These written assignments are very important to monitor as they may contain sensitive discussion topics that require prompt attention.

What are the recommended course edit options for Purpose Prep SEL courses?

The default options currently applied to these courses are the recommended options from Edgenuity and Purpose Prep. This includes the 50% passing threshold for quizzes since they are considered low-stakes assessments, and for the same reason, the default weights of 90% on assignments and 10% on quizzes. Educators should focus on the writing assignments and classroom/student discussions they have while facilitating these courses. The following options should not be applied since they do not work with Purpose Prep courses:

  • Pretesting
  • Prescriptive Testing
  • Spiral Review
  • Exam-Only course creation
How can I enroll a student in a Purpose Prep course?

This page outlines the steps on enrolling a student in a course.

Find important resources to ensure a successful implementation of Purpose Prep. These resources were designed for Edgenuity educators looking to utilize Purpose Prep within their classrooms.


Follow this learning path to get started Purpose Prep:

Wondering how to implement a Social Emotional Learning program? Here are three different idea models to carry out Purpose Prep. 

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