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eDynamic- Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize eDynamic Learning courses?

Yes, but it should be noted that the assessments in these courses are not dynamic so students will still be assessed on the content.

Is it typical for eDynamic Learning Elective courses to have a lot of teacher required grading and short writing activities to not have any keywords?

Yes, this is normal. The eDL courses involve a substantial amount of teacher grading.

What are the minimum reading levels in the eDynamic courses?

The reading level ranges from grade 6 to grade 9.

Do the eDynamic courses run on Chromebooks?

Yes, these courses work on Chromebook, with the possible exception of the Game Design course which requires that students will be required to download Unity, a free software program, in order to complete course activities.

What is the term limit for eDynamic courses?

There is no term limit for eDynamic courses. Once enrolled, a student has access to the course for as long as he/she needs.

Does the text translation tool work on eDynamic Learning courses?

It does not.

Is highlighting available in the eDynamic Learning courses?

It is not available. The button displays, but there is no functionality to it in these courses.

Do all the course options work on eDynamic Learning courses?

No. Despite being listed, spiral review, pretesting, and prescriptive testing will not work on these courses.

The eDynamic Learning (eDL) courses bring with them some new activities. These are known as Course Resources and will include activities such as the summaries and objectives. These activities will be counted towards the Assignment grade weight, and students will earn a completion grade of 100% for viewing the content. An educator can always change the score for any graded activity as desired. These new activities show a deviation from a typical Edgenuity course structure. 

Here is an example of the activities within one eDL lesson: 

eDL- Activities- lesson structure.png

Another difference with eDL courses is the number of required teacher-graded activities. There are a lot more in eDL courses than in Edgenuity's courseware.

It should be noted that these courses do link to outside websites so Edgenuity attaches whitelists to courses.  

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