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Passing with Score Feature

The Pass With Score feature is used in situations where a student is stuck in a course, usually because he/she has run out of retake attempts for an assessment. Using the Pass With Score feature allows the user to supply a score for the current activity and allows the student to continue in the course, regardless of whether or not the score meets the typical passing threshold.
  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students.
    Students tab- Manage Students.png
  2. Find the student with the last name filters, dropdowns, or use the magnifying glass icon at the top of each column to filter the list of students.
    Students tab- Manage Students- filtering.png
  1. Select the Courses icon Courses.png for the student.Select courses icon of student.png
  2. Select the radio dial next to the course.
    Select course to view.png
  3. Click Grades.
    Select Grades option.png
  4. Click the activity to pass. It will be the current activity. 
    Pass w score- select activity.png
  5. Select Pass W/ Score (Current Activity) on the right.
    Pass w score- select pass w score.png
  6. Enter a score and a reason.
    Pass w score- enter a new score and a reason.png
  7. Click Submit.
    Pass w score- submit.png
  8. The score will populate on the bottom under Graded Attempts.
    Pass w score- graded attempts score.png
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