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Accessing Warm-up, Instruction, and Summary to Change Score

Use this page to access the Classroom Data- Activities page to see how a student scored on each activity.
  1. Under the Courses tab, select Gradebook.
    Courses tab- Gradebook.png

    The gradebook can also be accessed via the Gradebook button on the homepage. Gradebook button on homepage.png

  2. Select the School, Subject, and Course. If desired, drill it down farther via Group, Unit, and Lesson.
    Gradebook View.png

    Want to narrow it down by user groups? Make sure the course is selected. If students are enrolled in the selected course and are listed in user groups, those user groups will appear in the Group(s) drop-down.

  3. The icons on the top right assist in viewing the Gradebook according to personal preferences.
    1. The Gradebook refreshes every 2-3 minutes, but if a refresh is needed before the next one, select the Refresh icon Refresh.png.
      Top right icons- refresh.png
    2. To customize the columns listed in the table, select the gear icon Customize columns.png.
      Top right icons- customize columns.png

      When using the Last Activity, a Not Completed means a student has started an activity, but has not completed it yet.
      Gradebook- Not_completed_activity_shown.png

    3. For a fullscreen view of the gradebook, select the arrow icon Toggle Full screen.png.
      Top right icons- toggle fullscreen.png
  1. Select the Activities button.
    Gradebook- activities.png
  2. The activities are displayed as the columns.
    Titles on Activities page with scores.png
  3. A key to the symbols on the table can be found here
  1. Find the lesson by filtering the unit and lesson.
    Filter by unit and lesson- change assign score.png
  1. Click the student's score under either Warm-up, Instruction, or Summary that needs to be changed.
    Select WU-Instr-Summ to change score.png

    These activities do not count, by default, towards the Overall Grade. When a score is changed, it will now count towards the grade.

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