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Accessing a Lesson to Change a Score

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "This course does not contain this level" mean?
If this saying is displayed, then that course does not have the selected level (unit, topic, or lesson).
R- Dashboard-Course tab- does not contain this level.png

Use this page to find the Course tab on the Dashboard.
  1. Under the Reports tab, select Dashboard.
    Reports tab- Dashboard.png
  2. Click the Course tab.
    Dashboard header- course tab.png
  3. All the students are listed here with each class in which they are enrolled. Filter to see a particular set of students. With each filter, click Apply.
    Dashboard header- course tab- filter view.png
  4. Select Lesson.
    Course tab- header- select lesson.png

    The Topic button is where the 3000-series courses (newer courses) will display the units. Older courses in the 600–2000 series may contain a three-tiered structure of Units, Topics, and Lessons. Newer courses will only contain units and lessons, but the units are displayed when the Topic button is selected. Additionally, when you click on the Unit button for these newer courses, you will see the warning, “This course does not contain this level.”

  5. The educator can now see the data for his/her students. For an explanation of the data, click here
  1. When the mouse hovers over a score, the title of the lesson appears. Find the lesson with the score that needs changed.
    Click on lesson from dashboard.png
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