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Finding a Warm-up, Instruction, or Summary from the Student Grade Page to Change Score

  1. Expand the unit and lesson. The activities for the lesson should be listed.
    Course structure for student appears- lesson selected is expanded.png

    Depending on the method to get to this page, the lesson may already be expanded. In some cases, an activity may already be highlighted as well.

  1. Click Warm-up, Instruction, or Summary.
    Course structure for student appears- click either WU-Instr-Summ.png

    To find out about all the actions an educator can take, click here.

  2. To see the answers the student answered correctly and/or incorrectly, click View.
    View graded attempts- WU-Instr-Summ.png

    If an educator already knows what score he/she wants to assign, click Change Score on the right side of the screen instead of pushing ViewChange score button under selected activity.png

    These activities do not count, by default, towards the Overall Grade. When a score is changed, it will now count towards the grade.

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