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Actual Grade (Definition)

This is the overall grade adjusted for progress if a student is behind. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind. Assigning zeros could swing a grade dramatically depending on the weight of the uncompleted activities. 

This metric incorporates a penalty for a student being behind their target. It makes use of a ratio that represents the student’s actual progress divided by his target progress. In order for this metric to populate, a student's course must have a start date and target date assigned. Some teachers use this for progress reports, while others may use this year-round.

This grade will never be higher than the overall grade when students are working ahead.


  • shows the impact of pacing on the student's course grade. 


If a student is 40% of the way through the course but should be 50% of the way through the course, his Progress Ratio is 40/50, or 0.8. The student’s Actual Grade is the product of the Overall Grade and the Progress Ratio. This would be the Overall Grade times 0.8.

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