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UpSmart- Scoring and Feedback for a Gold-Level Writing Response

Use this page to give a gold-level writing assignment a score and provide feedback.
  1. This is the Scoring and Feedback page for a student's gold-level writing response.
    US- Scoring and Feedback homepage.png
  2. Click the arrow of Stimulus. This will show the passage the student read.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- stimulus.png
  3. Click the arrow of Question. This will show the essay question.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- question.png
  4. Click the arrow of Sample Answer. This will show an example response.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- sample answer.png
  5. Click the arrow of Student's Answer. This will show the student's response.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- students answer.png
  6. Under Rubric, is an interactive rubric where a teacher can indicate the level of mastery by clicking the corresponding boxes for each criteria listed.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- interactive rubric.png
  7. Under the rubric there is a grading switch. Leave it at Needs Revision if the student is required to edit the response or switch it to Pass when the student has submitted a successful response.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- grading switch.png

    When the switch is set to Pass, students can move on to the next writing item or topic in UpSmart. They will be able to view the rubric results and any feedback provided before moving on in UpSmart.

  8. In the space under Feedback, provide written feedback to the students as desired. This is especially helpful if the student is required to edit the essay response.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- feedback.png
  9. When the grading is completed, click Submit.
    US- Scoring and Feedback- submit.png
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