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UpSmart- Viewing the Grading Alerts

Within the gold level of the ELA programs, students will submit written responses that must be graded by a teacher. Every gold-level skill will have 5 available writing tasks, and students are required to successfully pass 3 of them to master that skill.

It's important to note that some gold levels may include more than one skill. In these topics, students are still required to successfully pass 3 writing items for each skill. Grading alerts appear under the Grading column of the Program Progress report for the class.

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Program Progress.
    UpSmart tab- program progress.png
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the data.
    US- Filters- filter by.png
  1. An alert shows under the Grading column with the number of items needing to be graded in a red box.
    US- Grading Alerts- grading alert in the grading column.png
  2. Click the arrow of the topic to view the students who submitted essay responses.
    US- Grading Alerts- click down arrow.png
  3. For each student, click the grading icon US- Grading Alerts- grading icon.png to access the Scoring and Feedback view.
    US- Grading Alerts- click grading icon.png

    What does the Details box entail? It lists the skills students should achieve at each level.
    US- Grading Alerts- details.png

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