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UpSmart- Resetting the Topic

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Program Progress.
    UpSmart tab- program progress.png
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the data.
    US- Filters- filter by.png
  1. Click the arrow of any topic.
    US- Viewing Student Work- click dropdown arrow.png
  2. Click the student's name.
    US- Viewing Student Work- click student name.png
  3. Click the question box to see the question at the top to view the student's response, time in current level, and total time in topic.
    US- Viewing Student Work- student responses.png
  1. From the drop-down menu of Select Action, select Reset Topic.
    US- Viewing Student Work- reset topic.png

    Resetting a topic will erase all student work in that topic. The student will restart the topic with the Topic Screener assessment.

  2. Click Confirm.
    US- Viewing Student Work- confirm.png
  3. A notice on the bottom right of the screen will show the change was made.
    US- Viewing Student Work- reset topic confirmation.png
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