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UpSmart- Unblocking Students

Frequently Asked Questions

When does a student get blocked within a topic in UpSmart?
Students will get blocked when UpSmart detects that the student is not making adequate progress through a Level. UpSmart tracks all the student actions in a Level, including:
  • The number of hints accessed
  • The number of incorrect attempts and feedback received
  • The number of Show Me Videos watched
  • The number of Items in the Level students have worked on
What should I do when my students get blocked in UpSmart?
When students are blocked within a level in UpSmart, they are prevented from making further progress because their responses indicate they need additional support from you. This is the ideal opportunity for you to meet with these students, either individually or in a small group, to remediate the knowledge gaps in the topic skill. Ideally, you would meet with your students, resolve skill-based misconceptions, and then unblock them within UpSmart to allow them to continue in the level.

Use this page to learn how to unblock a student. There are two ways and both are mentioned on this page.

When an UpSmart class is created, a teacher can choose to be alerted when students are at risk of failing a level. UpSmart can proactively alert the teacher to intervene before the student completes the level by blocking the student from progressing until the teacher has a chance to reteach those skills.

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Program Progress.
    UpSmart tab- program progress.png
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the data.
    US- Filters- filter by.png
  1. Locate the topic with an alert.
    US- Alert- notifcation of an alert.png
  2. Click the arrow of the topic with the alert.
    US- Alert- click the down arrow.png
  3. Find the student with the blocked alert icon Blocked icon.png.
    US- Alert- unblocking- click alert icon.png

    By clicking the alert icon Blocked icon.png, a window will allow you to unblock. Just click Confirm
    US- Alert- unblocking alert window upsmart.png

  4. Click the student's name.
    US- Alert- unblocking- click name of student.png

    If you have been working with a student and know that you want to unblock him/her without looking at the questions, simply click the blocked alert icon Blocked icon.png and the student will be automatically unblocked.

  5. View the questions the student answered by clicking on the question number. The student's response and the correct answer are shown.
    US- Alert- unblocking- questions answered by student.png
  6. Determine if the student should retake the topic or level from the Select Action drop-down menu.
    • Reset Level- resetting a level will erase all existing student work in that level 
    • Reset Topic- resetting a topic will erase all student work in that topic. The student will restart the topic with the Topic Screener assessment.
    • Unblock- unblocking a topic will allow the student to continue working on that topic
    US- Alert- unblocking- select action for blocked student.png
  7. Click Confirm.
    US- Alert- unblocking- confirm.png
  8. A notification will appear in the bottom, right of the screen to show the choice made in number eight was made. 
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