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UpSmart- Viewing Student Work

Use this page to see how a student responded on questions in their current level of a topic.

Educators can easily view student responses for each student enrolled in an UpSmart program, providing important information on student mastery. Viewing student responses provides important information to teachers when learning gaps happen, allowing them to make data-driven, instructional decisions when providing additional teaching and remediation.

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Program Progress.
    UpSmart tab- program progress.png
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the data.
    US- Filters- filter by.png
  1. Click the arrow of any topic.
    US- Viewing Student Work- click dropdown arrow.png
  2. Click the student's name.
    US- Viewing Student Work- click student name.png
  3. Click the question box to see the question at the top to view the student's response, time in current level, and total time in topic.
    US- Viewing Student Work- student responses.png
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