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UpSmart- Viewing a Failed Level Alert

Use this page to understand the reset student alert and reset him/her.

A student who gets continually blocked, then continuously unblocked, will eventually be displayed with a "reset student" alert on the educator's screen. This is intended to show the educator that the student is not grasping the concept despite multiple attempts. It is highly encouraged for the educator to work closely with the student on the concept before resetting the student.

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Program Progress.
    UpSmart tab- program progress.png
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the data.
    US- Filters- filter by.png
  1. Locate the topic with an alert.
    US- Alert- notifcation of an alert.png
  2. Click the arrow of the topic with the alert.
    US- Alert- click the down arrow.png
  3. Find the student with the reset student alert icon US- Alert- reset student alert.png.
    US- Alert- reset student alert on gradebook.png
  4. Click the student's name.
    US- Alert- reset student alert- select student.png
  5. This is the view of how the student did on the level. View the questions the student answered by clicking on the question number. The student's response and the correct answer are shown.
    US- Alert- reset student alert- level failed.png
  6. Determine if the student should retake the topic or level from the Select Action drop-down menu.
    • Reset Level- resetting a level will erase all existing student work in that level 
    • Reset Topic- resetting a topic will erase all student work in that topic. The student will restart the topic with the Topic Screener assessment.
    US- Alert- reset student alert- select action from drop-down.png
  7. Click Confirm.
    US- Alert- unblocking- confirm.png
  8. A notification will appear in the bottom, right of the screen to show the choice made in number eight was made. 
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