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January 2019

Pathblazer/Hybridge Help Center: Beta Release

We are really excited to share the beta release of the new Pathblazer/Hybridge (PB/HB) Help Center! If you use either of these products and want to check out this new help section, click here.

Learning Path Library

Throughout the Help Center are a number of learning paths – collections of related tasks linked together in easy-to-follow, guided pathways. Learning paths do not appear in search results, so the entire list of pathways can easily be found within this new learning path library page.


The Glossary provides a quick way to look up terms that are specific to our Edgenuity products. These terms can be found contextually throughout the Help Center, but if you simply need a quick definition, the glossary is the place to go!

Report Library

Looking for all of the reports available within Courseware, MyPath, and UpSmart? The Report Library provides descriptions and links to the related Help Center articles for easy reference.

Best Practices > Seasonal Articles

The Help Center now features seasonal articles, organized by quarters within the school year, designed to help educators successfully implement Edgenuity. This section of the Help Center will continue to grow, so be on watch for additional resources coming soon! Check out the initial release for the first three quarters:

Science Lab Documentation

For our science teachers, all our teacher and student labs guides are now in one central location in the Help Center. Some labs are wet labs, designed to be performed in a hands-on environment and usually on a school campus. There are also guides for the new student-planned labs that meet the NGSS standards, also known within the lab lesson as “Plan an Investigation” activities. Organized by topic, it also provides a comprehensive guide to all available labs!

Since the teacher guides contain answers, that link above will only work when accessing the Help Center after logging in with an Edgenuity educator account. Follow these steps if that link doesn't work:

  1. Log into Edgenuity with an educator account
  2. Hover on the Support tab, click Help Center
  3. On the home page, search for the term “lab documentation” (or come back here and click the link above)
  4. Click the first link in the results!


Archived Releases

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Product and Course Updates

Want to check out our latest product releases? Click here to review what our product and tech teams have been working on for you. 
Interested in knowing when our courses are updated? Click here to review our course release dates.

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