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Archived Announcements

November 2018

Tools to Support the Special Education Population

Wondering what tools Edgenuity has that can be implemented to support students with special needs?
Check out the page created with RESOURCES available within Edgenuity to support students with individual needs. Some key features on the page are:

  • Online class accommodations that are similar to ones found in a traditional classroom.
  • Find a list of tools, per product, to support students with individual needs. 
  • Additional ideas to support students.

September 2018

Course Updates

Curious to know when courses have been updated? 
Find a list of national and state-specific courses RELEASED within 2017 and 2018. If looking for a specific course within a state course, use the filters to assist in narrowing down the search. 

August 2018

Content within the English Language Arts (ELA) Courses

Desiring to know what activities are used in the ELA courses?
Click here to discover what TEXT, SHORT-WRITING PROMPTS, ESSAY PROMPTS, AND PROJECTS are included in each ELA course. Simply choose a grade and then filter by the type of activity, lesson, reading title, author, category, and/or subcategory that is desired. 

July 2018

The Help Center 2.0 is now released!

What exciting changes will you find?
You've talked and we've listened. Here's how your feedback brought about some important changes to your Help Center:

  • The site has been RESTRUCTURED to help you find what you need much faster so you can get back to the important stuff.
  • Many of our help articles are now ACCESSIBLE VIA BROWSERS like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, giving you immediate access to help when you need it.
  • New LEARNING PATHS are used throughout the site to help guide you through multiple steps. Check some of them out at the bottom of this page.
  • Each task or skill has been broken down into INDIVIDUAL PAGES, making it even easier to find what you need. Less scrolling = happier educators and admins!

We are really excited about these changes, but we aren't finished yet. Our mission is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-find help for our Edgenuity products. As we continue to update the Help Center, we'll post those updates right here for you. 

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