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How do I make sure the ‘Require Orientation Video’ setting is turned on for all my students? What if I want to change the setting?

You can enable the Orientation Video for multiple students. This option can also be disabled if needed. 

Welcome to the Edgenuity Help Center. We are excited you're here. Edgenuity has much to offer and learning a new product can be overwhelming. But not with us; the most essential training materials specifically relevant to our new customers are gathered below. These resources are designed to get you up and running quickly as you integrate Edgenuity into your classroom, school, or district. We wish you the very best as you embark on your journey with us!

Orientation Videos

These videos are intended to help users get acquainted with their specific role within Edgenuity.  There are three grade metrics for a school to choose to be displayed on the student's home page. Based on the administrator’s selections, students will either see the Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade on their new student experience home page. The Actual Grade is the default grade selection, but administrators can choose another metric. We have a video for each grade option, the only difference being the grade metric displayed. Please watch the video that pertains to your administrator’s default grade selection.

Looking for assessment options with the Student Orientation video? Find a downloadable quiz and an interactive quiz option here

Educator Orientation Video  
Student Orientation Video- Course Map  
Student Orientation Video- Overall Grade  
Student Orientation Video- Actual Grade  
Student Orientation Video- Relative Grade  

Administrators- Select the grade metric(s) visible to students

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Teachers can explore one of these learning path(s) and guides to set up your classroom in Edgenuity.




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