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Release Briefings: Courseware, MyPath, and UpSmart


Release briefings are distributed whenever changes are made to Edgenuity that affect the daily activities of our educators or students. These changes can be new features, enhancements or improvements to current features, fix bugs, or functionality that otherwise impacts your experiences while working with Edgenuity. New changes are announced on your home page in red text as they are released, and the historical list of updates is here for your convenience.

Curriculum changes are not located here due to the number of courses we have available for use. Please refer to the release briefing document for each course which can be found by navigating to the Course Structures page from the Courses tab. Also check out the Course Updates page for information on release dates of our courses.

Current Release Notes

UPDATE!  2020-06-18 - Generate Custom Scope and Sequence Documents and Help Center Updates: This release included a highly-requested feature for educators to generate on-demand scope and sequence docs that take into account any and all customizations they make to their courses. We're also very excited to announce the official release of our Zendesk Help Center!

2020-05-27 - MyPath-Renaissance STAR Enhancements: A new look has come for the MyPath Renaissance integration. The navigation has been simplified throughout the interface by consolidating student data views and by separating import details and troubleshooting functions. Combined with a few simple usability improvements, it is now easier to find student information and monitor Renaissance STAR data. 

2020-04-01 - Student Progress Report Update: When students access their Progress Report, they will see a few additional metrics that provide a more holistic view of their progress and achievement data. In the Grades section, they can view the primary grade metric, and any secondary grade metrics. Students now have access to a progress bar that indicates their pacing (behind, on track, ahead) provided a target date has been applied to the student's course. Students access this updated information within the Downloads section of the Student Help Center here.

2020-02-20: NWEA Updates, Student Progress Reports, Activity Info for Grading, and Student Search Enhancement: MyPath customers utilizing our NWEA partnership now have the ability to automatically import data using the new API feature, as well as the option to automatically assign Individualized Learning Paths for students based on that imported data. Student progress reports for educators and parents got some highly requested upgrades. Educators now have visibility into important grading metrics for individual assignments. And, searching for your students has just gotten a whole lot easier. Please see the release notes for specific details on all of these enhancements!

Previous Release Notes


2019-12-03 - Manage Students and UpSmart Due Dates: Manage Students Beta and Manage Students have now been combined into one user-friendly page to help make managing student accounts even easier. The Help Center has been updated to reflect these changes. Also in this release, the UpSmart Program Progress report now displays topic due dates when a class is selected in the Class filter.

2019-10-30 - Student Progress Overview: Students can easily monitor course progress and grades within each course by visiting the Progress Overview report. This report is an update to the Student Progress Report, and currently displays information about course assignments and grades.

2019-08-27 - New IP Registry Option and Support for Special Characters: Edgenuity schools who use IP Registry have a new option when secure access is enabled for students. In addition to only allowing students to access to Edgenuity content while on campus, or working off campus on instruction and assignments, administrators can also now allow students to complete quizzes and pretests off campus. World Language educators can now leave written feedback on student assignments that includes foreign language characters.

2019-08-08 - Audio Recordings and Teacher Feedback: Now available in addition to written feedback, Edgenuity educators can record, edit, and save audio feedback on student assignments in any Edgenuity course. In the Edgenuity World Language courses, students can record, edit, and save audio responses during the speaking activities. This audio recording feature utilizes the microphone functionality already built into the most common, supported browsers, making setup a breeze!

2019-07-25 - Guided Notes for Students and Relative Grade Update: We are pleased to announce Guided Notes are now available for students! These are only accessible through the new Student Experience, so now is a great time to consider transitioning so your students can take advantage of these helpful resources. Administrators can follow these very simple instructions for enabling the new Student Experience. Although they are enabled for all students by default, the release notes explain how to disable Guided Notes for student enrollments, individual courses, or multiple courses. Check out the previous release notes for more detailed Guided Notes information for educators.

Also released was a minor update to how the Relative Grade is calculated. If you use this grade metric at your school or district, you can read more about the update in the release notes, and learn more about Relative Grade in this article explaining the three grade metrics available in Edgenuity.

2019-07-11 - Standards-Based Searching, Guided Notes, and World Language Course Updates: We are pleased to announce the release of three helpful features to personalize learning for your students. With standards-based searching, you can now customize courses by searching our robust library of standards-based lessons. Guided Notes are now available for many of our high school courses, and you have early access to preview them before your students. Powerspeak courses will be available natively from within the Edgenuity LMS, eliminating the need for World Language teachers to manage these courses from the Powerspeak LMS.

2019-03-21 - Adding a Student and Updates to UpSmart: To simplify educator tasks, the Manage Student Beta page now contains functionality that supports the ability to add student accounts in Edgenuity. In UpSmart, students in the gold level of any Language Arts program can now access all of the writing prompts. Also in UpSmart, enhancements to the Program Assessments report are now available.

2019-03-12 - Manage Students Beta and Course Customization: To streamline educator tasks, the Manage Students Beta page now contains functionality that supports the management of student accounts in Edgenuity. In the customization tool, Educators now have the option to Deselect or Select All content.

2019-02-07 - Manage Announcements and Manage Courses Legacy: This release brings a number of new enhancements. Legacy Manage Courses View is now removed, Manage Announcements is now a permissioned feature, uncounted assignments now show as completed for students, Additional Activities are included in the Course Report, and educators can now easily create a user group of all students enrolled in a specific course.

2019-02-04 - Manage Educators and UpSmart Gold Level: The Manage Educators beta is now officially live! All functionality from the beta page is now found on the Manage Educators page, located under the Administration tab. If you are an Edgenuity admin responsible for managing other educators, you'll want to check out the release notes. This release also brings an additional class option to UpSmart to allow the Gold Level to be optional for your students.

2019-01-15 - UpSmart Preview Topics and Student Notes Field: This release brings some exciting news to our UpSmart teachers! You can now preview the content within each UpSmart topic. Additionally, all educators can add even more notes to your student profiles - the character limit of the notes field has increased to 10K. Click the link above to read more about these updates.


2018-10-04 - UpSmart Program Assessments - This release brings program assessments to UpSmart. These assessments are criterion-based, technology-enhanced exams that assess the skills and standards in each program. Teachers can set testing windows for one, two, or three program assessments class by class. Check out the release briefing to learn how to enable these assessments for your UpSmart classes.

2018-09-20 - Update to Translation (Additional Languages) - In this update, the translation tool supports a number of newly-added languages. Check out the full list of supported languages, or feel free to check out these articles:

2018-07-26 - Course Report and Translation Updates - Educators now have access to our new Course Report. It provides detailed information about all assigned activities to a student within a selected class. Somali was added to the translation tool, and UpSmart students now have the translation tool available too.

2018-04-17 - Course Editions - Edgenuity releases new base courses and state-specific courses throughout the year. With this platform release, the Manage Courses page now includes the option to view and filter by course edition to ensure that you are using supported courses with your students.

2018-03-22 - UpSmart Updates and CAPTCHA - In UpSmart, students now have access to an orientation video, and educators can archive enrollments and also enable previously archived classes. Additional CAPTCHA security measures have been added for all users to protect the privacy of your data.

2018-02-22 - UpSmart Reset Level and Topics - In UpSmart, educators have the option to give students actively working in UpSmart a second attempt at success. Educators can now reset a student's current level or an entire topic.

2018-01-11 - UpSmart Unblock and Reset Level - UpSmart teachers now have the ability to easily review student responses to the topic screeners as well as the various level items. While reviewing a student's responses, teachers can also unblock the student, or reset the level and allow the student to start over from the beginning of the current level.


2017-02-09 - View and Filter by IEP Status - In this release, educators have the ability to add, view, and filter by IEP Status. This can help educators group and report on Special Education students; it can also allow educators to filter and then take actions on this group of students in just a few clicks.

2017-03-23 - Bulk-Edit Course Options - Edgenuity now offers the ability to manage most course options in bulk from the Manage Courses page. This new functionality allows permissioned educators to select a group of courses and apply changes to one or more course options to all selected courses. The permission is enabled by default for all administrators; it is disabled for teachers.

2017-04-10 - IP Registry for Educators - With this release, Edgenuity now supports IP Registry for educators. This secure access setting can be configured for both students and educators from the School Settings page by a permissioned school or district administrator. Please note that schools must maintain separate networks for students and educators in order to use this feature.

2017-12-12 - Reviewing Student Work in UpSmart - This release provides an easy way to review student work in UpSmart. This release also removes the Flash player from Courseware and MyPath, making the Edgenuity LMS Flash-free with the exception of Powerspeak. (Previously, even HTML5 Edgenuity content leveraged a Flash-player on desktops and laptops.) This release includes a new permission called “Access student enrollments in other schools,” which can help districts that use multiple school access for students better manage the enrollments that teachers can see. And finally, we have replaced eCommunity with a new Help Center that provides comprehensive resources for Courseware, MyPath, and UpSmart.

2017-11-16 - UpSmart Standards Reporting - This update adds standards-based reporting to UpSmart’s Progress View. Educators can now view progress by standards and skills, in addition to topics and levels. This interactive data display includes an ability to customize the standards set, allowing teachers and administrators to view either state standards and Common Core as desired.


2016-03-30 - v5 Only - District and School Settings Plus New Permissions - We have moved the Manage Schedules and District Calendar links to the newly designed District Settings page. Our School Settings page also features a new look, as we prepare these pages to house new future functionality that will allow permissioned users to manage additional district and school settings. This release also includes two new permissions: Enable Course (to re-enable a course that is currently marked disabled) and Mark Course Incomplete (to re-enable a course that is currently marked complete).

2016-04-07 - v5 Only - Customize Course In Flight - In this release, permissioned educators can now remove content from courses with in-flight enrollments. Changes will flow through to all enrollments for the course. In addition, it is now possible to customize a course over multiple sessions without creating a new copy of the course. Finally, this release also includes a download of student activity (including time and scores) from the student's archived course list, allowing educators to access scores and activity data without re-enabling a student's course.

2016-04-21 - v5 Only - Manage Courses and More - This platform release contains a new Manage Courses page featuring search, additional filters, and the ability to batch-archive courses. It also contains a feature to block students from opening multiple tabs on Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, and EDGE while they are in assessments and other activities. Finally, with this release, students can upload projects, lab reports, and performance tasks from iCloud when working on iPad devices.

2016-05-19 - v5 Only - Manage Enrollments - This release includes a new page: Manage Enrollments. With this page, found in the Courses tab, educators can filter a comprehensive enrollment list by school, subject, progress and pacing, course grade, and more. Then educators can take action on all enrollments in the filtered list: mark them complete, disable them, or change start and/or target dates.

2016-06-02 - v5 Only - Assign Teachers to Courses and More - With this release, permissioned educators can now assign teachers to specific courses and, if desired, limit teachers' access to view only students enrolled in the courses they are assigned. This release also includes a new Manage Educators page, currently in Beta, that allows users to archive educator accounts and manage educator permissions in bulk. In addition, we have added a new permission to govern who can perform Teacher Review and have enhanced the Recent Actions report to show when specific educators completed Teacher Reviews for students. This release also includes a change to the Attendance Log: time is now reported and summed in seconds, rather than minutes.

2016-07-14 - v5 Only - Manage Students (Beta) - With this release, a new Manage Students page (currently in Beta) allows educators to add students to groups, change grade levels, promote students to the next grade level, archive and re-enable students, and manage student settings (i.e., translation, text-to-speech, and whether the orientation video is required) in bulk. Other functionality for managing students still resides on the legacy Manage Students page, so both pages will be maintained for a period of time.

2016-09-08 - v5 Only - District and School Settings, Add/Update Educator - With this release, you can view and manage district and school settings with updates to the District Settings and School Settings pages, manage default permissions for educators by role, and add and update educators with options to set and modify profile information, school access, and permissions.

2016-09-22 - v5 Only - Gradebook, Bulk-Enroll Students in Courses, District Settings Update - Edgenuity is pleased to announce the release of our new Gradebook, which provides a traditional gradebook view of scores and progress for all students taking a specific course. This version 5 release also includes the ability to bulk-enroll students in one or more courses at a time from the Manage Students Beta page and some enhancements to the District Settings functionality.


2015-02-06 - Educator View of Student Fitness Log - With this release, teachers can view students' Fitness Logs without logging into the student view. Fitness Logs can be accessed from the Manage Students page or from an individual student's Courses page.

2015-04-10 - Password Security and New User Grids - This release includes enhanced security and user management. Passwords are now encrypted and no longer visible on-screen. Educators and students with associated email addresses can use a self-service Forgot Your Password? feature to reset their password. Educators with permission can reset passwords for students and other educators and impersonate student or educator accounts. In addition, the Manage Students, Manage User Groups and Manage Teachers pages have been updated for improved usability.

2015-05-07 - Change Student and Educator Password - With this release, educators with permission can directly change passwords for students and other educators, without generating a temporary password and without requiring the user to change their password upon login.

2015-09-01 - IP Address Registry - With this release, Administrators can enable a new IP Address Registry feature to ensure that students are logging into Edgenuity only from approved locations. Administrators can choose to enable the IP Address Registry to replace Virtual Classroom Secure Station, which will no longer function in Chrome after Google stops supporting Java in September 2015.


2014-1-17 - Active and Idle Time Update - This release improves how we report active and idle time when students fail to log out of Edgenuity or when they refresh their browsers. Students will now be presented with a warning message after 30 minutes of inactivity and auto-logged them out if they do not respond. In this release, we have also removed the VT Standards link.

2014-2-14 - Scoring and Grading Update - In this release, we addressed a number of issues and made enhancements to grading and scoring, including a fix to the issue where essays and uploaded assignments were automatically counting as zeroes toward students’ grades. We also resolved the issue that affected Virtual Tutor strands; now any lessons customized out of the strand will not be assessed on the Diagnostic Pre-test. Also in this release: the addition of question numbers when educators are reviewing work on assessments, a self-service unsubscribe link for parents and guardians, and fixes to ensure eNotes display at the correct times.

2014-4-11 - Save and Exit for Quizzes - This release provides an option to enable Save and Exit for quizzes. Previously available for tests and exams only, the Save and Exit option allows students to exit an assessment and save their work so they can return and complete the assessment at another time. The Hide Viewed Questions option can also be enabled for quizzes.

2014-05-23 - General Update - Students can now access an Attendance Log in the Reports section of the Organizer. Educators can now view unsubmitted essays in the Scores and Activity Review report. Educators also now have access to the read-aloud and translation tools when logged in as students. Finally, the Selected Student area now automatically updates to reflect the focus of the Session Log or Recent Actions report.

2014-06-05 - New Educator User Interface - Edgenuity is excited to announce our new user interface for educators. The new interface features a clean look and feel and a tabbed navigation that groups related tasks together for ease of use. In addition, the new interface provides additional functionality not available in the “classic view”. These features include: a Quick Search for students from the Students tab, easy access to the selected student’s Attendance/Session Log from the Selected Student tab, and a new course option that allows students to move freely in a course.

2014-06-20 - Lesson Mastery Report - This release includes two new features: an enhanced Manage Announcements function, and a new report called the Lesson Mastery Report. The new Lesson Mastery report is designed to help educators identify and group struggling students, view class performance across lessons, and estimate lesson and activity time.

2014-08-28 – Assorted Updates – This release contains a number of small but important enhancements. Most importantly, students’ external ID numbers now appear in the Dashboard export, in order to facilitate easier and more flexible use of that data. In addition, we have added the ACT College and Career Readiness standards and the ACT QualityCore standards to the state drop-down list on the Standards Alignment page; to locate these standards, choose AC from the state menu. We have also addressed a number of bugs to improve the student and educator experiences in Edgenuity.


2013-04-11 - Disabling Vocab Interactives - In this release, we have removed the Vocabulary Interactive feature from the Course Options page.

2013-08-02 - Hide Viewed Questions - In this release, we have changed the “Hide Answered Questions” option to “Hide Viewed Questions” so that once students have looked at a question, they must answer it. After a Save and Exit, all the questions a student has viewed previously will be locked even if they have been left blank. This provides the best assurances of academic integrity.

2013-08-14 - v4.5 Educator Experience - This release includes a new Scores and Activity Review report and the ability to leave written feedback for students on any activity, as well as an update to eCommunity and several other minor changes.

2013-08-14 - v4.5 Student Experience - This update includes significant enhancements to the student experience, including redesign and rebranding from e2020 to Edgenuity, tablet compatibility, a new Lesson Support Pane with the ability to format eNotes and look up any word, captioning and transcripts for most courses, and a new Scores and Feedback area of the Organizer to allow students to access all teacher feedback from one location. For educators, a new Scores and Activity Review page allows teachers to review student work, modify scores, and provide feedback on any activity. Some course options have been removed in this update: Enforce Activity Times, Enable Let’s Check-In Questions, Enable Vocabulary Interactives, and Set Time Limit for Lab Assessments. Curriculum Resources for ELA, math, science, and social studies have been added to eCommunity in the Classroom Resources section.

2013-09-04 - MAP-Informed Learning Paths - Edgenuity and Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA™) have partnered to create a new reading and mathematics solution for students in grades 6–12. This integration, which combines Edgenuity’s instruction and NWEA’s nationally recognized MAP® assessment, must be purchased separately.

2013-09-20 - General Update - In this update, we modified the navigation in the Scores and Activity Review report, restored the video source information button, and extended the educator timeout period to 90 minutes. We also modified the integration with the Powerspeak world language courses so that progress is automatically saved.

2013-09-27 - Attempt Organization in Gradebook - This release improves the Gradebook by organizing gradebook records by attempt. In addition, we have updated the Fitness Log with a PDF that contains editable fields and extended the student automatic timeout to 90 minutes.

2013-12-06 - General Update - In this release, we restored the “Report an Issue” functionality when an educator is viewing student results on an assessment. We also implemented a maximum date range for target dates, fixed a bug with the Change Score button displaying for certain activities, and refined permissions for our integrated NWEA solution.

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