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Configuring Google Admin Console to Allow Flash Content

Starting with Chrome 54 (October, 2016), Adobe Flash is no longer included with the Chrome browser or Chrome MSI. Many web browsers are no longer supporting the Flash media player. In most cases, users are now prompted to allow Flash content to play, and you can also configure the admin console within the Chrome browser to allow the Flash plugin to run for a select group of users following these steps below.

This information is intended for network and system administrators, IT directors, or those responsible for configuring system settings for your school or district. It is assumed you have previously set up your Google Admin console, and that your users (students and teachers) have already been grouped into an organization unit within Google.

Google Admin User Policies

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console using your G Suite credentials: 01.png 
    NOTE: The Admin console is where administrators manage Google services for people in an organization.
  2. On the Admin console home page, click Device Management.
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 2.png
  3. On the left, click Chrome management.
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 3.png
  4. Click User settings.
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 4.png
  5. On the left, select the organization to which you want the settings to apply to.
    Click here to learn more about how the Google organizational structure works.
    Ensure Chrome Management is turned on for your selected organizational unit.
  6. Search for "plug-ins" and in the dropdown, select Run plug-ins automatically.
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 6.png
  7. Copy and paste the domains in the table below into the box to Allow Plug-ins on These Sites section:
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 7.png


  8. Once you've entered the domains above, click Save at the bottom of the page. Updates typically take effect within minutes, but they could take up to 24 hours to apply for everyone.
    HC- Troubleshoot- google admin policies- step 8.png