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Steps to Troubleshoot from Home

In an effort to make the utilization of Edgenuity as simple as possible when you are working from home, we’ve created this guide full of helpful hints. Please reference this guide if you are having difficulty accessing Virtual Classroom courses from a home computer.
  1. For immediate assistance, contact Customer Support at 877.202.0338.
  2. Ensure the machine and Internet connection meet or exceed the minimum system requirements.
  3. Ensure our domain https://* is a trusted site on your browser.
  4. Verify your internet connection speed at
    • The recommended download is 2.0 mbps. This is because you are pulling video from the servers at the Edgenuity home site, rather than from your school’s media server.
  5. Clear your browser cache.
    • In your browser, delete the temporary Internet files and cookies. You can do this by pressing the following keys on your keyboard CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE.
  6. Clear your Flash Player cache.
  7. If you continue to experience issues with Flash (lectures, activities, games), try the following:
  8. If you are stuck on the following Secure Station screen, update your Java and try again.
    HC- Troubleshoot- secure station- update Java.png
  9. If you are stuck on the following Secure Station screen, click on the Request button. If you don’t see the Request button, please contact your instructor directly.
    HC- Troubleshoot- secure station request.png
  10. Once you are signed in, be sure to check out the Student Orientation Video. This video will help you get familiar with navigating the classroom and using all your tools.
    • Click on Organizer >> Resources >> Orientation and How-To >> Student Orientation Video
      HC- Troubleshoot- student orientation video.png
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