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Prescriptive Testing (Definition)

Prescriptive testing works by generating an assessment that the student takes at the very beginning of the course. As such, it can only be enabled before the student has started the course. This assessment is generated automatically, selecting one question from each lesson in the course. If the student answers a question correctly, the corresponding lesson is automatically customized out of the course. If a student has already started a course, prescriptive testing is no longer an option.

Please keep in mind that if a student guesses the correct answer, the entire lesson that corresponds with that question will be removed from the course. This can be particularly problematic with math or science courses, which commonly have linear subject matter that builds on the previous concepts.



To find out how to edit prescriptive testing, use one of the following links: 

Edit the Course Options for a Student Edit the Course Options for a Single Course Edit the Course Options for Multiple Courses
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