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Edgenuity Help Center

Managing Courses

Find information about managing Edgenuity courses here. 

To access the page, find Manage Courses under the Courses tab on the homepage.
Courses tab- Manage Courses.png

This is the landing page for Manage Courses. There are various pieces on this page so click on section in the table below to learn more. 

MC- Managing Courses Homepage.png


Items Image Description
Settings Menu MC- action items.png Want to export data, change the headers, or expand the view of the page? Use these action items to do that.
Status Tabs MC- Status tabs.png Determine the courses to view based on their status- active or archived. 
Search Bar MC- Search field.png If the desired course name is known, type it in the search bar and push Select. Use the Advanced field to exclude courses from the search.
Filters MC- filter button.png Narrow down a search using the filters. 
Course Actions MC- course actions.png See what actions can be taken to courses based on a singular selection or multiple selections. 




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