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Adding a Single Course to a Group

Frequently Asked Questions

When multiple courses are selected, I don't see the option to Add a Course to a Group?

Correct. This feature only works on individually selected courses. To learn about enrolling multiple students in a course, click here

Use this page when you have a group and you want to add a course to those students in the group. You can only add singular classes to a group. This features does not work when multiple courses are selected.
  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Courses.
    Courses tab- Manage Courses.png
  2. Under the Active tab, checkmark the course(s)you want to add into a group. Notice as soon as one student is checked, the Add to Groups menu will appear at the top.
  3. Click the Add to Groups menu and checkmark the group(s) you want to place the course(s).

    Note: Courses can be added to multiple user groups, so create as many groups as you need make your job a little bit easier!


    If no groups have been created and you want to create one, click here.

  4. Click the add icon 4 part 2.png to assign course(s) to the group.
  5. When a course has been added to a group, a list of the current students in that group will appear. By default, they are all selected. You can deselect the students you do not want to have the course. Click Submit.
  6. A notification box will let you know that your request is being processed. Click OK


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