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Establishing User Groups

There are multiple steps to do this process, so select the title to begin at the beginning, or expand the learning path and select a step to start on a desired page.

Establishing User Groups
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  • Creating a User Group
    Use this page when you want to create a user group. User groups allow educators to organize student accounts, making it easier to manage the student roster. All educators can create and manage their own user groups in ways that make sense for them. User groups are only seen by the educator that created them, and therefore cannot be shared with other educators.
  • Adding Student(s) to a User Group
    Use this page to add either one or multiple students to a user group.
  • Incorrect Student(s) Added to a User Group
  • Removing Students from a User Group
    Use this page to learn how to take students out of a user group.
  • Adding a Single Course to a Group
    Use this page when you have a group and you want to add a course to those students in the group. You can only add singular classes to a group. This features does not work when multiple courses are selected.


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