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Accessing the Course Structure

Use this page to access the course structure of the lessons which include information on the lesson titles, activities, and closed captioning (transcripts).
  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Courses.
    Courses tab- Manage Courses.png
  2. Find the course with the filters or the search bar.
    MC- Manage Courses- searching.png
  1. Checkmark the box next to the course name. Click More then View Course Structure.
    MC- Accessing the Course Structure- view course structure.png

    Depending on your permissions, it may be a stand-alone button on the homepage: MC- Accessing the Course Structure- view course structure button.png

  2. The course structure is populated.
    MC- Accessing the Course Structure- course structure view.png


What Features Does Each Hyperlink on the Course Structure Page Do?

Lesson Titles Lesson Activities Closed Captioning/Lesson Transcripts



Additional Feature- Access information on the Course Documents

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